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Finally, an inexpensive way to get new clients, and grow your practice, all without having to outspend your competitors.

You can have a high quality website that gets you new clients, and it’s all done for you. So you have more time to do what you do best—representing clients.

Now you can get your firm right in front of the people on the internet, who are looking for an attorney right now. And you’ll be right in the “Organic or Natural section”.

That way you’re not charged every time someone clicks on your site. Besides, this is where 97% of people choose an attorney from anyway.

So now you don’t have to worry about where your new clients will come from each month, or how to get them—because they can now find you 24/7. And by the way, studies have shown that these potential clients from the internet are a better quality than from TV and radio.

Imagine not having to buy or pay for old leads anymore—because now those people can call you directly. You can have potential clients calling you for personal injury, DUI, criminal, auto accidents, workers comp, divorce cases and so much more.


You’ll soon find that we like to keep everything simple. How our service works is in 4 simple steps.

Step 1

We purchase domain names (this is the name of the website), in a number of different cities, counties, and states. That website is then built with keywords for your particular area (like: Chicago defense lawyer, Illinois injury attorney, etc). We make sure that site shows up on the first page of Google for keywords that your potential clients would use to search for an attorney in your area.

Step 2

When you decide to lease our site, we’ll copy the content from your current site. We then put your information on your new leased site. We make all the changes for you that need to be made for the coding, and you’re done.

Step 3

After a few days, your site will appear on the first page, and you start taking the calls.

Step 4

That’s where most marketers stop, but only half the work is done. Now we get your site to convert more visitors to make an appointment, come into your office, or leave their contact information with you.

We do that by using technology that allows us to test different headlines, different pages, video, copy, closings, call to action and so many other variables. And this is all done at no additional cost to you.